dalam otak c abeel = =,

d most precious gift on 
abeel befday, fer dis year is "tudung putih" !
by d lover - wazer <3
thx so much. i rily appreciate it :*
let me sing fer u b : "n i...i wanna be ur..."lover" 
i wanna b ur "girl" fea =) Lysm tungkik !!
- nick.
- from : hoboken n.y.c
- nice guys.
- song writer.
- bassist in band "the jerk off"
- dat was left by a bad lover.
- his fav.band in d world, dats d simbol of rabbit "wheres fluffy"
- have a cute "Yugo" :)
- Supercuts haircut.
- he straightedge.
- not gay like d other band members ;) haha !
- managed to steal d heart of d girl named norahs through his
   songs. but he never noe bout dat ;)

- norah.
- from : englewood n.y.c
- Ira Silverberg's doter.
- love "wheres fluffy"
- love art.
- great frenss of caroline.
- hate tris ( d bitch ! )
- she puts all d mixes by nick to tris in her
- fall in LOVE wit nick.
- a simple girl.
 Gosh !! dis movie is fucking awesome LOVE stori dat i watch everyday !!
wutta great stori. wutta great ost !! ;) hihikk

Nick a high-school senior from Hoboken. can stop obsessg about Tris. d cute,blond conniving ex-girlfie. Norah also a senior n acquaintance of Tris's, is dissed by Tris at a club in New York City. so, to show she's cool n s a boifie, she goes up a stranger, wispers in his ear, n kiss him. its Nick. thus begins a nite of fits n stats bitwin Nick n Norah s they share a Love Music, hunt for an elusive band scheduled to play somewhere dat nite, search for Norah's drunk fren Caroline. Wit d help of Nick's gay band mates n kip running into Tris n Norah sort of boifie. Both Nick Norah have to figure out wut they want. D nite of holding hands (the beatles-i wanna hold ur hands) its d nite dat they'l neve ever forget.

tgok sendiri la! best gilebabi weyyyyy! ;)) abeel giv 5star!! fer dis movie =)

- i wanna Rock ur world my Fabrizio Moretti olok-olok !! ;p hihi mwa.mwa.mwahhhhhhhh ! hahahahaha. lebioo ! would u LOVE me like d world is ending :)
  • keinginan untuk menjadi klon drummer the strokes. auranya sudah mencecah ke tahap maximum ! ;) haha !